FM Gallery Is Acquired by Fantastech DMCC

M Space News
1 min readJun 29, 2021

Fantastech DMCC, a Dubai-based company has acquired FM Gallery (Fairy Magic Gallery ), a primary distribution platform of NFTs on 18 June, 2021. The project will be upgraded and renamed as M Space.

Fantastech DMCC will continue to focus on product incubation, speeding up the creativity of the business and boosting users in both the United States、the European and Southeast Asia regions.

M Space ( will provide digital creators with brand-new platforms and services. Its business scope includes but not limited to the sale and management of NFTs and other digital products. Via the customer base, expertise and block chain technology accumulated from their digital asset business, M Space aims to build a market where NFTs can be traded transparently. With the advantages of cooperation and promotion with excellent creators, M Space will continue to introduce more attractive high-quality products in the NFT market.

M Space strongly believes that blockchain technology can tackle the pain points of the traditional industries, such as poor liquidity and unenvironmental protection of physical works, and reduce operating costs as well. In the future, NFT will play an active role in the field of digital assets to empower digital creators and provide more diverse ways of carrying and presenting high-quality works.