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3 min readAug 19, 2021

M Space, a blockchain-based distribution platform for NFT art works, today (19 Aug , 2021) unveiled its revamped official website (www.mspace.org) as well as Dapp version (https://m.mspace.org) to the public. The new version of the website, which took around 3 months to develop offers a more concise user interface, a more convenient user experience and a safer one-stop trading service for NFT art assets.

The new official website of M Space fully optimizes the visual interface, content structure and functional modules. The platform is divided into 3 main sections — Blind Box(DROPS), NEWS, and Artist&Artwork Discovery(DISCOVER), which comprehensively introduces the diversification and systematization of M Space in the field of NFT art exploration and development. In the meantime, in order to meet the needs of users from different countries and regions, the official website now supports users to easily switch between English and Traditional Chinese.


M Space is a blockchain-based NFT art distribution platform, it has realized the deployment and expansion of multiple chains including Huobi ECO chain (Heco), Binance smart chain (BSC)and Ethereum. In the near future, chains like Polygon, Solana, and Flow will also be deployed successively to enter more diverse scenarios and ecosystems, provide users with more choices on a wider platform, and also give more choices and trading opportunities for NFT artworks. More importantly, for art lovers and collectors of M Space, the platform offers them more opportunities to enter the trading market because of its low handling fee, low barriers to entry as well as convenient user experience.

New website, Fresh start, Terrific experience. As a distribution platform that focuses on NFT art, M Space will continue to collaborate with world-famous artists, galleries, auction houses, launch more high-quality crypto artworks on the platform, and strengthen the linkages between traditional art and digital art.

About M Space

M Space (formally known as FM Gallery) is a blockchain-based distribution platform for NFT artworks. Collaborating with world’s leading artists, galleries and auction houses, M Space focuses on releasing rare and exclusive NFT artworks to crypto-art lovers and collectors. It aims to transform art and fashion with its innovative artworks, as well as autonomous fan communities supported by DAO.

M Space now has been successfully launched series of campaigns to promote and sell NFT artworks, including but limited to artworks by NFN Kalyan, Chad Knight, Peter Mohrbacher, Macomoroni. These top digital artists have a huge influence on both social media & NFT world and their works can be valued for more than ten thousand dollars per piece in the secondary market.

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