M Space Officially Launched on Binance NFT, Bringing High-Quality NFT Artworks

M Space, an NFT artwork distribution platform, announced that it will officially launch on Binance NFT today. Collaborating with top artists, M Space is going to launch a series of high-quality NFT artworks. Users can collect, trade and participate in the auction of cutting-edge NFTs issued by M Space on Binance NFT.

M Space’s debut release on Binance NFT includes collections of uniquely valuable artworks from internationally renowned digital artists Nate Hill, Fang Yu and Dunhuang Chen. Among them, contemporary artist Fang Yu’s work X-Doge will be launched in auction format, this work entrusts the good wishes of all Dogecoin holders, and collectors can obtain this exclusive NFT artwork by participating in the auction.

As a distribution platform that deeply cultivates NFT art, M Space looks forward to cooperating with Binance NFT to helping blockchain industry interpret the artworks in a more innovative way. In the future, both M Space and Binance will continue to tap the potential of blockchain technology to empower the art economy, promote the development of crypto art and contemporary art industries, and bring more high-quality art assets to NFT collectors.

About M Space

M Space (formally known as FM Gallery) is a blockchain-based distribution platform for NFT artworks. Collaborating with world’s leading artists, galleries and auction houses, M Space focuses on releasing rare and exclusive NFT artworks to crypto-art lovers and collectors. It aims to transform art and fashion with its innovative artworks, as well as autonomous fan communities supported by DAO.

M Space now has been successfully launched series of campaigns to promote and sell NFT artworks, including but limited to artworks by NFN Kalyan, Chad Knight, Peter Mohrbacher, Macomoroni. These top digital artists have a huge influence on both social media & NFT world and their works can be valued for more than ten thousand dollars per piece in the secondary market.

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M Space News

M Space News

Latest updates from M Space

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