M Space‘s First Batch of NFT Sales on Binance NFT Hit New Highs

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2 min readAug 2, 2021

M Space, an NFT art distribution platform, today announced that the first batch of NFT artworks released on Binance NFT platform were sold at high prices. X-Doge is the first collection to be listed on Binance NFT, the successful auction of this artwork also means the accelerated transformation of traditional art to digital art.

As the exclusive debut by M Space on Binance NFT, X-Doge is started to bid at 3,000 BUSD and finally sold at 10,700 BUSD. X-Doge is the combination of Elon Musk and Iron Man by using 1 US dollar as the base. The reactor on Iron Man’s chest represents the symbol of Tesla. The emoji of Dogecoin and related Internet buzzwords are showed in the form of graffiti. As the most favorable cryptocurrency by Elon Musk, The dogecoin is carried by Rocketman on Musk’s right side and ready to fly into the sky, which indicates that just like Musk’s space X, he will fully support and share his best wishes to all Dogecoin holders.

In the meantime, the digital artwork Balance (limited edition with only one piece) is sold at 6,000 BUSD. This ‘Twisted Landscape’ photo manipulation is created by M Space‘s signed artist Nate Hill. The original photo is taken at Cape Otway in southern Victoria on the Great Ocean Road.

About M Space

M Space (formally known as FM Gallery) is a blockchain-based distribution platform for NFT artworks. Collaborating with world’s leading artists, galleries and auction houses, M Space focuses on releasing rare and exclusive NFT artworks to crypto-art lovers and collectors. It aims to transform art and fashion with its innovative artworks, as well as autonomous fan communities supported by DAO.

M Space now has been successfully launched series of campaigns to promote and sell NFT artworks, including but limited to artworks by NFN Kalyan, Chad Knight, Peter Mohrbacher, Macomoroni. These top digital artists have a huge influence on both social media & NFT world and their works can be valued for more than ten thousand dollars per piece in the secondary market.

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