M Space Signed Artist Chen Dunhuang’s Debut Artworks on iBox NFT Already Sold Out

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2 min readAug 15, 2021

We are thrilled to announce that all NFT artworks from M Space’s signed artist Chen Dunhuang have sold out completely after being revealed on iBox NFT platform. Chen Dunhuang’s debut on iBox contains a series with 3 artworks — Freedom Fighter, Cyber Girl and Huntress, each with 100 editions.

M Space will continue to collaborate with more famous digital artists to launch high-quality NFT assets on the iBox platform

Stay tuned for our new NFT assets and they are ready to be launched by next week.

About iBox

IBox (ibox.com) is the leading NFT trading platform in the world, positioning for high-end NFT issuance and circulation. Compared to other NFT Marketplace, iBox will focus on serving NFT players in Asia Pacific in depth. Compared with most markets with uneven quality, iBox focuses on high-end NFT. Most of its NFT products are jointly released with well-known IPs, artists or public figures that are familiar to the public to ensure the quality and collectible value of NFT.

About M Space

M Space (formally known as FM Gallery) is a blockchain-based distribution platform for NFT artworks. Collaborating with world’s leading artists, galleries and auction houses, M Space focuses on releasing rare and exclusive NFT artworks to crypto-art lovers and collectors. It aims to transform art and fashion with its innovative artworks, as well as autonomous fan communities supported by DAO.

M Space now has been successfully launched series of campaigns to promote and sell NFT artworks, including but limited to artworks by NFN Kalyan, Chad Knight, Peter Mohrbacher, Macomoroni. These top digital artists have a huge influence on both social media & NFT world and their works can be valued for more than ten thousand dollars per piece in the secondary market.

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